Randy Lawrence here. I wanted to share with you some of the steps that we’ve been taking to be very proactive over the last two weeks with all of our apartment complexes, all of our management teams in preparation for COVID-19 we have been very methodical in preparing to assist our residents to ensure that they are going to have the best opportunity to perform according to their lease.

  1. All non-essential areas and activities have been eliminated at this time or suspended all access to business centers, pools, playground areas,
  2. We have posted preventative safety tips, recommendations and guidelines at our complexes and communicated those with each of the residents.
  3. Currently we are only performing the emergency maintenance necessary for life and safety within a unit. All other maintenance items that are non emergency have been suspended at this time inside of units, and these directives have been communicated with the residents.
  4. Maintaining communication with our residents via email, text message and phone call, limiting all face to face interaction at our offices.
  5. Limiting in person tours as much as possible, providing all information virtually in allowing them to be able to execute leases via the online portal.
  6. Working with residents who are affected by the virus shutdown and developing a consistent pay plan across all apartment communities so that we can work with them and assist them in being able to honor the terms of their lease.
  7. Offering the ability for residents to be able to pay door lease payments online via credit card or via drop slot at the complex
  8. Waving all late fees with residents that we work with in a positive execution of the payment plan.
  9. Focusing diligently on renewals at this time, not increasing renewal rates or extending a month by month lease in order to maintain his high of occupancy as possible.
  10. Suspending any unnecessary expenses or upgrades while continuing to execute our cap-ex plans exteriorly that we have reserves already set aside for with the lender.
  11. Continuing to make ready and renovate any vacant units that are non occupied. So it was to be able to lease them and obtain reimbursement from the lender.
  12. As our maintenance items decrease using our internal maintenance for some of the cap-ex painting turns, renovations, maximizing the use of their time
  13. Increase our marketing efforts to online social media platforms, creating marketing.
  14. Creating marketing videos of our renovated units so that they may be able to be dispersed online as well as in person over the phone.
  15. Reach out to all employers in the area who are hiring and actively working in offering them a no contact rental opportunity as well as a discounted move in program.
  16. Proactively communicating with lenders, creditors and vendors related to forbearance or deferral of payment as needed to ensure all of our cash flows are in a solid position.
  17. In the case of a COVID-19 infection. Having staff to understand all CDC guidelines, recommendations as to how to handle
  18. Utilizing disinfectant sanitizers and cleaning there at the office and as necessary in common breezeway.
  19. Ensuring all tenants are informed of the program options that are available to them to assist them with rental payment and assistance at this time.
  20. Provide state unemployment links, application and UpToDate timelines as to the delivery of benefits and qualifications.
  21. Provide treasury stimulus, check benefits based on tenant profile as to what they will be entitled to in the approximate timeline of its delivery.
  22. Provide local, nonprofit, religious charity organizations that provide a variety of assistance during this time to the resident.
  23. Weekly coaching with all of our senior leaders coaching meetings every two days with our onsite management teams and senior leaders to ensure the very best execution during these times.

We are diligently focused on executing everything within our power, all resources within our obtainment in every facility that the government’s offering at this time to continue to ensure the very best of operation of our assets. Watching over the stewardship and protection of the investments that you and I have made together and looking forward to success.


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