Putting investors first since 2003

A leading multi-family operator, Prosperity Capital Partners has provided 12%+ annualized returns to its investors for 20 years running.

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With Prosperity, you can count on strong performance.

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Strong foundation, reaching higher.

With almost $400MM in assets across 20 apartment communities in our portfolio, we're not sitting still. We believe in looking forward, creating a better future for our company, its investors, and the thousands of tenants and community members we impact.

  • Our mission is to improve the lives of everyone who makes a home in one of our apartment communities.
  • We put our investors' interests before ours. If they don't prosper, neither do we.
  • We are fundamentally conservative. We buy based on real value, not speculation.

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Our Approach to Value-Add Multi-Family Investing

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Conservative Acquisition

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Strategic Exit in 3-7 Years

How We Invest in Multi-Family Real Estate