Why Invest with Us?
Track Record.

Prosperity Capital Partners has a 20-year track record of putting our investors first by paying double-digit returns with zero loss of capital. Invest with us with a sense of security, knowing that your preferred return is paid before the general partner. We only prosper if you prosper.

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Which Investing Strategy is Best for You?


Total Return

  • Total Return Oriented Investing Option
  • Potentially Better Upside (17+% Return)
  • 3-5 year holds are typical
  • Quarterly distributions (6-8%) possible based on performance
  • Total Return Paid at Exit (Refi or Sale)
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Preferred Income

  • Earn a Total Preferred Return of 12%
  • 2-3 year holds are typical
  • 7% Preferred Return paid quarterly
  • 5% Appreciation per Annum Paid at Refi or Sale
  • Excellent Tax Benefits via Depreciation


  • Suitable for $2M+ Investments
  • Excellent for 1031 Exchanges
  • Individual and Institutional Capital considered
  • Focused on Longer-term Holds (4-5 Years)
  • Participation tailored to meet your needs

Current Offerings

*Completing the application for an offering is a statement of interest only; you are in no way obligated to invest with us. After we receive your application, one of our investment specialists will reach out to you to discuss your preferences and options. (*Please note, in most cases we are only allowed to accept capital from accredited investors.)

ATL Total Return Opportunity

Based on the purchase appraisal of $16.8M, we now have $870,000 in INSTANT EQUITY, i.e. a 16.57% return on equity on DAY ONE.

Park1000 Crossing Opportunity

250+ unit property in the red-hot ATL market with a 3-4 year projected, producing strong, double-digit returns and tax-efficient depreciation benefits

Westgate-Flats Opportunity

Offering an attractive, 12% Return on a projected 2-year hold - with significant K1 depreciation benefits.