Preferred Lender Program

**Earn 9% on a Short-Term 12-Month Loan, Secured by Real Estate**

Across hundreds of loans over almost two decades, participants in our Preferred Lender Program have received attractive returns and gotten their principal back as promised... 100% of the time.

Over the past 18 years, our Single Family Home division has bought and sold over 1,000 houses, and we are currently averaging 50-75 houses per year. To do this, we use our preferred lenders' funds to acquire and renovate these houses prior to sale.

If you'd like to be considered for our Preferred Lender Program, complete the brief form below.

Join us as we transform houses and lives...

Preferred Lender Program Overview

  • 9.0% Annual Return
  • 12-month Term
  • Loan Secured by Real Estate
  • $250K Minimum
  • Ideal for IRAs
  • Open to Non-Accredited Investors

We invite you to earn an attractive return on a loan backed by real estate to help you achieve your financial goals. To take the next step, complete the form below.

**Watch Dianne's inspiring story at the bottom of the page and discover how the Preferred Lender Program allowed her to achieve returns on her capital such that she was able to retire earlier than she thought possible...

Join us in Prosperity with the Preferred Lender Program

If you are interested in preferred lending opportunities with us, please complete the application form below.

9.0% return. 12-month term. Real Estate-backed. $250K min. Non-accredited welcome.

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